Monday, 11 October 2010

Video: Porsche feels the wrath of angry turkeys

Now that Thanksgiving is a only a couple of months away, you would think that turkeys would be hiding from plain sight out of fear of getting stuffed with corn bread.

But as the owner of this Porsche will tell you, there are still turkeys that can show off their mean streak, and two of them showed it off by unbelievably attacking his $80,000 sports car.

The driver claims that he was just driving down a quaint little side street near his house when a pair of head-bobbing turkeys showed up and proceeded to go after his Porsche with evil intent in their eyes.

Dumbfounded, the owner first tries to reverse course from the onslaught of those pecking turkeys, but the two birds weren?t ones to give up, giving chase to the Porsche until the owner had no other choice but to just run away from them.

Obviously, the whole ordeal was hilarious from our end. Watching two turkeys take out their frustrations on a Porsche is the kind of thing that cracks us up. But it sure wasn?t funny to the Porsche owner who probably got home only to see that his Porsche got all dinged up courtesy of two turkeys.

Video: Porsche feels the wrath of angry turkeys originally appeared on on Saturday, 9 October 2010 23:00 EST.

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